Sick of It

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I’m sick of always caring,
And I’m sick of being there.
I’m sick of being your comfort,
When no one else seems to care.

I’m sick of the way you treat me,
And how you treat everyone else.
I’m sick of the way you diss me,
When I turn up at your house.

I’m sick of always giving,
And getting nothing in return.
And I’m sick of forgetting,
What I’ll probably never learn.

I’m sick of you and your crap,
And I’m sick of all your flirting.
I’m sick of all your girly friends,
I’m sick of all this hurting.

This post was submitted by Gidget.

Category: Anger Poems
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3 Responses

  • angie says:

    When I read this I knew exactly how the writer felt because I feel the exact same half the time.. Hope things get better(:

  • Anirudh says:

    The better way to show off your feelings to the world when you’re sick of something…. It’s not just all about you, it’s been the problem of many! I’m Sick of Flirting!

  • julie21 says:

    i love this poem .. this is now my top 5 love it !



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