I’m scared

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I’m scared that you might leave me all by myself.
I’m scared you might desert me for someone else.
I’m scared my love won’t be enough.
That’s why I’m trying to be tough.
There’s a distant look in your eyes that you try so hard to hide.
I feel like we’re growing apart and it’s breaking my heart.
There’s just nothing I can do to stop this pain.
That’s slowly driving me insane.
But all the pain comes to an end when you tell me you want to just be friends.

This post was submitted by katelyn pinckney.

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3 Responses

  • saeedah says:


  • destiny nichole says:

    this is a very good poem i love writin poems but i don’t think I’m very good… although i won 1st place in contest at school. but i would love some tips, would you e mail me some tips my email is hargrove96 @ gmail.com. thanks and i would appreciate it a lot!!! thanks

  • casandra says:

    that was an awesome and touching poem..liked it!



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