Journey Without Me

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A smile is worth a thousand words
And a laugh is a sound that can be heard
Your eyes are of the deepest blue
And my love for you is forever true

I wish I had told you sooner
I wish I didn’t fool you
But I couldn’t bring myself to tell you
For I know that I wouldn’t pull through

I despise myself for being so weak
And I can still hear your heartbeat
I heard it fade away
And I watched you turn pale

I miss our happy moments
I miss our arguments
But I miss your smile above all else
And your laugh resounding everywhere

I can picture you in the sky
With wings that made you fly
And I can see your smiling face
I can feel my heart race

But I can’t die yet
I still have a lot to finish
There are people I haven’t met
So I won’t let myself diminish.

This post was submitted by WolfieANNE.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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