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You’ve long gone,left me behind
within your heart,within your mind
you betrayed me,treated me bad
made me worry and made me sad.
Before you leave,at the very end
will you realize i have been a friend
or just depart,not give a toss
shrug,smile and say i was no loss!
Cos when you do say goodbye
i don’t know why…………
i will still cry……….

You did go.left me behind
brought great relief to my mind
you should know i am not sad
infect i am very glad!
Now i know,to the very end
you were my foe and not my friend
you treated me so unfair
now it is me who does not care!
Alas,farewell and good riddance
i know why i did not cry….
There was no reason why!

This post was submitted by helen schembri.

Category: Sad Poems
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