I Wont Let You Fall

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If the world stops spinning and you step off.
I’ll follow you out there, so you don’t get lost.
I’ll shine a light on the dark you see.
Give you the strength you so desperately need.

I know right now you see no light,
maybe you think things will never be right…?
But trust me, I’ll catch you, if you ever fall.
I’ll be your rock, just give me a call.
And when you feel the path ahead,
has no light and a faded edge,
turn around and look at me.

I’ll pick you up, hold you tight,
tell you it’s all gonna be alright.
I know you’ll say, ‘you’ve much to learn,
you’re just a kid’,
you’ll smile and turn.
But I’m not stupid, I understand,
just turn back round and take my hand.

I’ll be your hope, your strength, your courage.
As long as I’m here you’ve no need to worry,
When you met me, Lisa, you found a friend to smile,
laugh and cry with until the very end! 🙂

This post was submitted by Mel.

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