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He hurt me way to much,
I didn’t like the feel of his touch.
All the stuff he put me through,
I hope it doesn’t happen to you.
Everyday I have a feeling,
That he’s somewhere out there killing.
I wish I never met him,
Because now it’s hard to forget him.
Sometimes I feel the need to cry,
& It feels like im dying inside.
Keeping a smile on my face,
To cover up what he cant erase.
I was always grounded for no reason,
Even during the summer season.
Thinking about it everyday,
Trying to wash the pain away.
Struggling to fight him is like fire and ice,
Doesn’t ever turn out nice.
Making me smoke,
Really burned my throat.
He turned my mom against me,
So she wouldn’t know the true story.
Either way he scared me for life,
It’s like being stabbed by a knife.
I went to church & read the bible,
So I know not to become suicidal.

This post was submitted by Cheyanne & Jennifer.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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