“Over you”

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Here i am sitting on configuration
listening to someone conversation
never thought my eyes at someone
connive consistently waiting for she will swerve at me

One time she look at the back
my heart pouring accompany w/ delight harmony
my heart excites and I compensate through it
seeing for a like flowers blooming at my eyes

I am thinking for what she is?
taking a wondering why oh why!?
I say to my own self that I cant reach her
but my heart fortunately hang on fortified

Here I am sitting on configuration
Here I am staring at you!
Hoping you give it some attention
dismantle,regardly yo tour attention

I am so contemptuous when I send you massage
doubtfully you may forsaken me
but my thought is wrong
you allow me to drag myself drawn over you;

we begun with simple smile
you take my attention all along
I assume my heart closer in you
because,I feel love over you…

This post was submitted by John Rhey the Loverboy.

Category: Love Poems
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