Pain In love

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I inhale from this joint
you look at me and point

I say it takes it all away
It keeps the pain at bay

You look upon me disgusted
You say It was me you once trusted

I tell you it will all be ok
Now you just want me to go away

I try to hide this pain I have deep inside
It’s hard to do without someone by my side

My heart aches for someone to love
Sitting here doubting there is someone watching from above

My red eyes red
Making me unable to move from this bed

I hope you all will someday know why
I am just waiting to die

The drugs to my heart are setting in
As I write all this down with this pen

I live a lonely life
One with little strife

To the girl I love but does not love me back

I hope you know that I would die for you
As I lay here and cry for you

I wish I knew one thing
Why are you doing this to me.

As I lay here and cry
I’m waiting to die.

This post was submitted by cody howell.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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