Moving On Poems


DownUp +4

Loving you is simple for me to do,
But I don’t know why it’s so hard for you,
Well I cannot force you to love me;
And neither can you force me to stop loving you,
I am not the same girl I used to be;
But yet my love is still pure and true.
If you love me then love me, for who I am,
Not for the one you want me to be,
Don’t expect me to be a tender lamb;
For I am just a human and that’s all about me.
You say I am a liar and that I flirt around,
Well then why don’t you go to hell?
And get yourself surround;
By all those who likes you so well.
And by that time I will find another,
Who will take your place in less than an hour!

Once apon a time….

DownUp -1

You are now in the past,
but now i am in the future.

On now what have began as ONCE UPON A TIME,
now ending as THE END.

On now what we used to be is now in the past
and now there is now need to cry.

Cause now i am facing the future on my own,
With my many questions to be answered.

Set yourself free

DownUp +2

Behind that smile they was a broken heart,
A hurting women whose life was torn apart.

Each day through hard and long,
A group named ‘OPTIONS’ was there to make her strong.

One thing she learn’t that was a must,
Was to open her heart and begin to trust.

Now this women life is back on the mend,
She thought this nightmare would never end.

The group named ‘OPTIONS’ made her strong,
And now believes she was never in the wrong.

So people out there you are not on your own,
‘OPTIONS’ is there to help put things right.
Now this women sleeps safe at night.

So dont be afraid and walk out that door,
Pluck up that courage to give them a call.

The strength you gain you will see,
Now its time to set yourself free.

The crack in my heart

DownUp +3

When I look at you
I always feel this passion
but I remember the pain

The tears you caused
The crack in my heart
The memories keeps on flashing

You finally made me smart
I know what I want
But I can’t seem to find it

Will it get better
My broken soul
Will I get up
From this mistake
Will get up
From this fall

Cause for you Id give my all
But then you go and break me
For so long
You were faking IT
I don’t know how much more
I can take in

It all just happened so fast
My life just came crashing

But still
when I look at you I always feel this passion.


DownUp -1


Not afraid.

DownUp 0

You ignore me until I see your way

But how could I trust the words you say?

Would you hurt me until I give in?

Would you resist common sense and turn into sin?

I told you I wouldn’t fall down

Never again shall I make a sound

Because if I wasn’t giving in

Then I wouldn’t be sitting here crying

But sometimes it just takes a kick to the gut

To show you how you can get back up

And maybe I had to learn the hard way

But baby, I’m coming back today

And I’m going to show you how strong I really am

Going to show you, I’m not afraid, of any man!


DownUp 0

You never stop from talking
You bothered me by your letters
You thanked me ‘coz it’s over
Move on.

You made me think
You made me reply
I was pushed to compromise
Move on.

I am sincere for all that I’ve said
I am happy and still
You’re not and it shows
Move on.

I told you I’m ok
You told me “I think you are”
You said you’re happy for me
Which I think were all lies

Refrain from pretending
Stop relating me with your subsistence
For I am sorry with all my heart
I moved on and that’s important.

The Way Things are

DownUp +4

You were everything i thought i knew
the words “i love you” hadn’t seemed more true
we grew apart with dreams to fulfill
and now in the end it all went downhill.

With all the things we went through im surprised we wanted to stay
but like the edges of an old tattered cloth our love began to fray
our standards for each other were unrealistically too high
and now we both sit here continuously asking why

We were meant to be, or so we thought at the time
and you always told me “you’ll always be mine”
if only things went the way you had proposed
the beauty would have been that of an undying rose

Now im apologizing for all the hurt that has risen
but these feelings i have have the need to be driven
dont worry about the future because there will be a day
when someone perfect for you will take your breath away

And as for me, i will be okay.
i have realized thats the one thing i could never say
now being alone i can reach for the sky
the stars my heart wishes upon are much more than high

Things will only get better for you and i
am here is the answer to your question why…
im still young with a passion for fun
so no, not now, i cant be “the one”.

Not You

DownUp 0

I am not a broken heart girl,
I’m just feeling lonely,
But not because of you.
You didn’t mean to hurt me,I know.
So don’t bother to think of me,
Cause it makes me feel so sick.
I know you didn’t mean to do those things,maybe.
But that’s really life is,
Our lives must go on,
In spite of the hurtful reality,
That you and me are not really meant to be.
So for now let’s just forget it already,
Cause it’s nnot really necessary.


DownUp +1

It’s hard to pretend

to laugh with your friends.

i hide it for years

but my eyes can’t hold back the tears.

today is the time

to tell them your crime

what have you done?

for me you’re gone.

as i break my silence

for being a nonsense

see now im happy

even if you’re not here with me

i had enough of you

so goodbye my boo

i deserve someone better

that will make me happier.

Love Fades Away

DownUp 0

All the love I had for you is going down the drain,
And the time I’ve spent with you has been in vain.
Now I’m hurting bad, and I can’t stand this pain,
I don’t know what to do, I’m going insane.
You were the best thing that happened in my life,
I actually thought that you could have been my wife.
Haha, but now I hear you’re with another guy,
Now I feel like I’m going to die.
I don’t know what to do to make you see,
That you really mean the whole world to me.
But screw it, tomorrow is a brand new day,
And I’ll live it my own way.

Love – An Insight from my experience

DownUp 0

What is love? A question asked too often and answered wrong
Love resides in all hearts and makes life feel like a beautiful song
When she comes my way a happy song plays all day
Then out of the blue the illusion of love breaks away
She says she does not love me and thinks of me as a friend
Life becomes empty and I think I have reached a dead end
Actually she loves somebody else the word friend is an excuse
Knowing the facts I become a recluse
I drink and smoke and do some dope
My life is now almost without any hope
I don’t see anything like love which is everlasting and pure
People change and evolve every day I am quite sure
So I keep moving on and cherish the moments shared
The sparks which never become a fire but I think she cared
I ask myself was it love or lust
I tried to save it before it got bust
This poem is getting naughty but it is the truth
In my quest for true love I have become uncouth
I move on and discover another spark flying out of the blue
I don’t know if this is my true love but I will give it a shot or two
I get termed as Casanova as another one bites the dust
I want my true love so I keep looking for it I think I must
There is nothing like true love if only I knew
I wouldn’t waste my life trying out with quite a few
Stop looking for love and always feel nice
So all my friends please take this advice
Lust is not love but a temptation too hard to resist
Stop this lusty search for love as it does not exist.

I Hate Goodbye

DownUp +1

I wish you were mine

i wish you could see

what the pain of my past

is doing to me

i once was scared

to tell you

what i really wanted to say

but now your gone forever

because i waited until today

the pain drips down my face

into a puddle of sorrow

leaning towards the past

not looking at tomorrow

just one chance to be

with you

but im afraid

of what that would do

dont judge me from

my fears

and only who i am

because its time

my new life began

i hate to say goodbye

and im not sure what

it will bring

but your slipping away

away from everything!

Meaningful or Meaningless

DownUp +3

Meaningful or meaningless, feelings compelled to express.
Only for a moment our time together, I continue to reflect.

Don’t know how much time has passed.
I wish I could say it moves by fast, yet it feels like forever.

Always thought we’d be lol…., fantasy me.
In your eyes, am only a friend….., my reality.
Not obsolete, yet I’m living incomplete.
Ask me about loneliness?
It’s how I feel without your presence.

Seeing you again, service road, if only for one more kiss.
Imprisoned with thoughts… something still exist?
Yet a fool, with no reason to believe
A fool who wonders…
Do you ever think of me?

At arm’s length, feelings restrained.
Stirred emotions your voice, is my pain.
Idle no more, my hand inside yours.
Never alone, your in my heart and in my soul.

Seeing your sprit, fresh start, new beginning.
Wanting only happiness, your smile was a given.
In my own space, I’m lost and out of place.
In my mind your close, yet your so far away.

These feelings, one day will subside given distance and time.
For now they continue, I wish I knew why.
Don’t know how much time has passed.
I wish I could say it moves by fast…………

Yet it feels like forever.
Ask me about loneliness?
It’s how I feel without your presence.

The Mask

DownUp 0

Tears I cry
Pain I feel
I don’t want to die
But how do I deal

I live a lie
I hide my pain
Without this mask
Tears fall like rain

I try to cope
And keep on going
But I lose hope
And my heart needs sewing

I want to forget
God knows I try
But I just can’t
So I live this lie

I wear this mask
Every day
So that he won’t see
That I’m not ok

When it falls off
Then he sees
Underneath this mask
And looks at the real me

That’s when he knows
That I’m in pain
And that he’s the cause
Of all this rain

But I have to try
To keep moving on
He says it’s for the best
But now he’s gone

So on goes this mask
And on goes the pain
I know I’ll always live
In the pouring rain.

No More

DownUp +2

You took my heart
You tore it apart
You were planning to throw a dart
Form the very start
To make me fall
Well now it’s my call
To make you crawl
& say this to you all
Say goodbye to your dictator ways
Cause I say that a new phase comes today
No more pain nor tears
Coming from this soul
That you broke down to tears
Shattered her dreams
Played her love
Who the hell you think you are?!
Making this soul suffer
making it cringe & stutter
Since it was from its own lover
Leaving it suffering…choking…
You just stare at it…
You make no movement
But a hint of a smirk is coming up.

I Cried

DownUp 0

When I was a baby, I cried.
I cried because I was hungry.
I cried because I was tired.
I cried too when I was uncomfortable.
I cried because that was what I was able to do.

When I was older I cried.
My tears were now of sadness.
My tears were now of sorrow.
My tears were now of pain.
With joy my tears came back again.

Now I am old I no longer cry.
Tears are for the young.
I have forgotten the sadness.
I have forgotten the sorrow.
I have forgotten the pain.
But the joy I felt comes back again.

I am surrounded by my memories.


DownUp 0

Sorrow, what does it mean?
Sorrow, is how I feel today.
Sorrow, isn’t apart of me anymore.
Sorrow, can’t be prevented but can be cured.

My Pride

DownUp 0

We had a good run,
but now it’s time for me to go my own way.
‘Cause when I was with you,
I began to lose my pride.
Now my days of misery with you are over.
All the times you left me waiting;
left me wondering are now no more.
Don’t worry, their is no broken heart;
for now it’s my heart of stone (I’m letting go)
now my pride has grown two times as fast;
two times as strong.
But you’ll never know.

Countless Times

DownUp 0

Countless Times I Loved You,

Countless Times I Cared.

Countless Times I Cried For You And You Just Watched And Stared,

Countless Times I fell, Countless Times I Rised,

But Now Its Time For Me To Say Not Countless But Only One Goodbye.

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