The Wedding Boat

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Today you have stepped into your wedding boat
Sailing to a trip that God only knows
But He wants the two of you to know
That He is on board the way to show
All you have to do, is this,
Bring your compass into line with His.

Then He will show you how to love and how to share
How to forgive and how to care
How to be patient and share some kindness,
when storms of life brings spiritual blindness
Trust Him in everything, no matter how big
He is able to provide, that’s one of His gifts.

Never start your day with running and racing
Take time to read the Word, to pray and to praise Him
Fast if you must and seek God’s face
Then victory is yours and abundantly His grace
The windows of heaven, He will open up wide
And showers of blessings He will pour upon your lives.

When times of trouble are crossing your way,
Sing and rejoice in the Lord all day.
Yes, shout hallelujah, let the enemy know,
He is defeated and under your big toe
Stand on God’s promises, no matter what,
Let faith be your source, cause He’s worthy all that.

Dear couple in Christ, you see what I mean
If you do all these things, your life is at peace.
No need to panic with the Lord on board,
Cause He’ll keep your boat always on course
So focus on Him and not on men,
Then your sailing trip will have a happy end.

This post was submitted by Irene.

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