Sleepless Nights

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I lay in this bed
Unable to sleep
Lonely thoughts and memories
Slowly my eyes begin to weep
I think about how I got here
It’s a night that I regret
I toss and turn for hours
Leaving my sheets damp from cold sweat
And I can hear all your warnings
Its an echo inside my mind
If only I could flip over the hourglass
And turn back the hands of time
I wouldn’t be in this position
Never would have crossed that line
Instead I’d be with you….
Sipping on our life slowly
Like everyday was the finest of wine
I’d hold precious moments
Live each day like its our last
But instead I’m laying in this bed….
Thinking about memories that have passed.

This post was submitted by Krystal Crump from New Jersey.

Category: Lonely Poems
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