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I feel the pain as fresh as can be
As the sword is drawn from within me
My heart bleeds and I cease to breath
Feeling as cold as ice it seems, I lay in the dark of night
Casting my eyes to the endless sky of light
Hours gone by, and NO one hears my cry
Wishing I can turn to arms open wide
Reminiscing on the past
I remember all and what was lost
Opening my mouth but the words just won’t come out
Calling to be saved, it must be a dream I face
Not realizing I stand at the edge as I watch
my corpse being laid to rest
Is this the end? As night turns to light?
Who am I to change what must be right?
I go to a better place I hope with all my might!

This post was submitted by Stacy Ann Charlie.

Category: Sad Poems
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