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It breaks my heart
When I see you cry,
And it doesn’t get easier
As the days go by…

Watching the sadness fall
From your eyes as tears,
A slow and constant release
Of pain from the past years.

They say that tears
Are like silent words,
A puzzling explanation
For the sadness that occurs.

But most of the time
There are no ways,
To find the words
To describe those days.

Because behind those tears
There’s always a history,
A somewhat painful
And hard to tell story.

This sadness in your eyes
From what I can see,
Needs to be released
In order to let you be…

This post was submitted by Laura \'Lorenzo\' Thomas.

Category: Sad Poems
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5 Responses

  • Stacy Ann Charlie says:

    It’s so touching….I love it!!

  • Donna Thomas says:

    a beautiful description of sadness

  • Kayla says:

    You know, I feel this way a lot about guys. especially the ones I was in love with because there is absolutley no explanation for all the pain it’s just sad because they left and they are to blame.

    It is such an honor to tell you that this poem has inspired me to do something erotic and I’ve finally found a better way into happiness. 🙂

    Thanks so Much!

  • yahya julbasari says:

    It’s so nice!
    So cold like ice,. .

  • apostlejoa says:

    I just had a evening of tears I had to walk a way from my friend don’t wish him bad but wish him good like season he was there for me but like wind it was blown away I thank God for the friendship we share.



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