Thinking of You

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Well, my love it is Saturday,
I have missed you while you were away.
Today is the day that my dream comes true,
It is the day that again I get to talk to you.

I will to tell you somethings that I’m wanting to share
I tell them to you, for it is you I care .
You say that good looking is what you are.
To me you are more attractive by far.

I think that your age doesn’t tell the truth.
You seem to me to be a woman of youth.
To me you are more of a woman than a man am I.
Your beauty exists in more than the eye.

Your voice speaks of what I know.
From you all good words do naturally flow.
So sexy, yet so poised and mature you do seem.
I keep thinking that this is just a dream.

If this be a dream, then please let me sleep.
For the happiness I have found I want to keep.
If to sleep forever is what I then must do.
For it is eternity that I want to spend with you.

This post was submitted by Harry Neumen.

Category: Love Poems
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