You are the one

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Sometimes i feel as though you cannot see me,
you act so confident but me so differently,
I can’t express the way i feel,
in fear that you won’t feel the same,
so because of this i must conceal,
all the love i have for you,
its makes my heart twist and ache,
for goodness sake!

You stole my heart without permission,
now i ask you to listen,
listen to this poem,
listen to my heart,
I ensure it won’t fall apart,
just as long as you find a way to love me,
a way to hear me,
a way to finally understand me,
Can’t you see?
you are the one,
my one and only,
no-one can measure up to you,
you’re kind, caring,
and more so true,

This is what i have for you,
yeah this poem,
it pretty much sums it up,
this is the way i sometimes feel

This post was submitted by Janice Nacu.

Category: Love Poems
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