You see me

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You see me, you like me.
is this true?
you want me, i want you.
things will happen, this i know.
i like you that’s how it goes.
it took a while for you to see,
but now you know, that it’s me.
your with me this is true,
you must know. my hearts not new.
it’s hurt and broken so please be true.
many have loved, I’ve loved few.
it’s like a dove as it flew.
my heart took off for only you.
please be real, don’t go away.
I’m scared to death,
this i must say.
joy and sadness it’s all the same,
this is not just a game.
I’m happy that you came,
to hold me tight and all the same.
you see me i see you,
i know this all must be true.
because my heart is loving you.

This post was submitted by ashley bender.

Category: Love Poems
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