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Moments with you
Are all I ever wish for
Ever since I learnt to say
I love you too
For loneliness now engulfs me
Making me to miss you more.

I would rather kiss a miss
But never miss a kiss
From the angel of my life
The one who makes my heart beat
For my love is without measure.

I thought I would learn
From experience
To forget you once we are apart
But no,
The distance is too much for me to bear.

Tears stinks my eyes
As thoughts crisis-cross my y mind
But I cannot cry
Nor laugh my lungs out
Because my memory meter
Is blank
Waiting for you to refill it
And for that,am missing you.

It is quite absurd
That I have to restrain
My feelings and desires
Of you,you the one I love
But still,am holding on
Since the love I have for you
Is the greatest
Babie,am missing you.

This poem was written/submitted by Donah Chilo.

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