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I fear of losing you once again,
Having you is not my happiness,
if getting you back will make you sadder,
I’m ready to let you go.

I’ve waited for so long,
for this time to come along.
you’ve been a dream come true,
but you’ve been a burden too.

My feelings is true,
loving you is what I do.
What if one day you go away,
and leave me hanging along the way.

I’ve learned to cry and let my tears fall,
I’ve learned to say no even if i wanted to.
I tried to escape and run away from you,
But it seems so hard to turn my back from you.

today, is the end of everything,
I’ll turn my back and keep running.
Till I find my refuge,
and be with someone better than you.

This poem was written/submitted by maryjoy.

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Friendship is not about time
It’s lik finding words that rhyme
Each one goes well together
In a span called forever.

It’s lovely to live this way
having you around each day
It’s something that makes me gay
Each time I get up and pray.

As time goes passing by,
A strong storm fell from the sky
I don’t wan to see you cry
So I came and kept you dry.

But friendship has changed its face
It did not leave any trace.
I should have known you by heart
All the time we were apart.

Everyting has gone so wrong
And I’ve missed you for so long
I hope this won’t be the end
I still want to be your friend.

This poem was written/submitted by Faye Margaret S. Lagrimas.

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Your undecided about what you want
im not a game you can just hunt
you say you are hesitant and scared
but there is so much that we shared
laughter and secrets i would never tell
slowly prying me out of my shell
i have walls that wont come down
your other little flings make me frown
you say that i didn’t ask so you didn’t say
so im through with all the games that you play
whatever makes you happy i will repeat
but im no fool and i would never cheat
good luck on your twisted journey of love
because i respect myself over all the above.

This poem was written/submitted by Melinda Palmer.

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In the beginning it was all so much fun
gazing at you making my pulse run
calling to chat, stealing a kiss
having a great time- those moments I miss
smiles, hugs and holding hands
not saying too much not making plans
never rush what is good cause it wont last
lets take it real slow not move too fast
cause i feel good when im with you
want to keep it going this is all so knew
dont want to play games dont want to lie
cause if its meant to be we’ll no longer ask why
and life’s too short not to take chances
so come on and fall into all the advances.

This poem was written/submitted by Melinda Palmer.

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More than words, its hard to explain
my walls falling down like summer rain
your hand on mine a soft caress
time is nothing, we act careless
thinking of you all night and day
your body close to mine is where I want to stay
hating to leave your passionate embrace
loving to stare at your beautiful face
cant wait to feel the warmth you send
never do I want this feeling to end.

This poem was written/submitted by Melinda Palmer.

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I love you with my heart, soul, body and mind
a love like ours is rare to find.
you kiss me so softly, yet i feel the strength of your love,
your amber eyes glisten like stars from above.
your touch screams passion as you caress my skin,
my soul has met its counterpoint,
i can feel it deep within.
your arms are my shelter when i feel the need to run,
i was not expecting this to happen but i have found the one.
i wanted to be your princess
but we were blessed with our very own.
now i am your devoted queen,
with your heart as my cherished throne.
i give you my whole heart as you are my king,
its the very least i can do for all the happiness you bring.
this is a vow to always love your heart, soul, body and mind
this romance we share we were lucky to find.
you have given me infinite reason to love life everyday,
and nothing or no one can take that away.
so here is my promise that i am making to you,
you are the only one i love and i will always stay true.
i will love you forever, in every lifetime,
as long as you promise to always be mine.

This poem was written/submitted by Mariah L. Capelle.

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Finally, summer has arrived.
Fresh green leaves blow in the warm breeze,
as I swim in the pool with eez.
Schools out and there is some fun to be had.
Sometimes good and sometimes bad.
It’s to warm to stay in,
and to hot to stay out. But I can’t just sit here and pout.
Thunderstorms are a bonus, tornadoes are not.
Thank goodness we don’t have hurricanes in Michigan,
that wouldn’t be so hot.
I see hot air balloons in the sky,
but I don’t ever think I would go that high.
Hot dogs and hamburgers being grilled every night,
or a nice picnic would be alright.
Finally, summer has arrived, winter we have all survived.

This poem was written/submitted by Misha Jenzen.

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