A Heartless Dream Is Near

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Should i drop a tear? Should i make a sound?
Bringing sadness to the heart and reeking blood across this ground.

The clattering noises, the ruthless pain?
Why listen to a story that has been held in vain?

The life of a queen, the life of the poor.
As i drew this heart on a paper the crack again tore.

The late sleepless nights and heart wrenching pain.
The more situations that have held the less trust we regain.

Falling to the ground, no breath and no heart.
Not knowing where it’d end or where it would start.

Tears avoiding love and love avoiding life.
Where was track lost? It’s nowhere in sight.

Candle lite room when darkness appears.
It seems to rekindle all of my fears.

That’s when I knew,
A heartless dream must be near.

This post was submitted by Nigie Williams.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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