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She looked at him
And in his eyes
Held the future
His smile was weak
His heart was pounding
The night was growing chilled
The layed on the grass
hand in hand until he had to spill
He loved her like no other he said
His words were cold
His heart with dread
She closed her eyes and giggled
She shivered with his warmth
The stars above them bright
The night sky held her secrets
The doubts and the pain
Twill the morning bring love
Or will i bring sorrow
Will it b a better 2morrow?
He calls her up its him not her
She is so seriously disturbed
She says okay with a flat tone
Other people other days
With the sun and the haze
She opens her eyes
He was there she could swear
she touched him but was only air
she goes into the bathroom
to look in the mirror
she finds some cuts along her body
did she do them
or was it him in her dream
She felt her chest her heart alive
Pounding with fury
The blood on the floor
She passes out on the floor
She wakes up to find herself gone
She looks above there is no light
She can hear voices but she no one
She opens her eyes again and sees him but has not real
She looks at the blood on her shirt which isn’t there at all
She realizes she has
a broken heart.

This post was submitted by JEANNA .

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