A Journey To The Nature’s Lap

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I pushed my way through the mob in a run,
stepping on the train , to embrace the fun.
curling down the window i peeped out,
ready to drink in the nature with open snout.
As the train gathered speed honking soft and meek,
i felt the cool breeze brush my cheek.
Leaving behind the cement trees passing by,
awaiting a new world, calm and quiet i lie.
fast and swift we the enter the nature’s soft lap,
hearing it’s faint sounds drowning in,train’s jazz and rap.
Pretty peacocks and open blooms i see,
gathering honey, to home, returning every bee.
Wetting every tree and rock the cloud glided high,
covering every blue inch of the sky.
Fascinated i look out eyes wide as doe,
i let the rain sink to my heart washing every woe.
biting into a chocs , onto windowsill , my head bent
i savored with it the soil’s fresh scent.
piercing the cloud with it’s every ray,
the sun shimmered keeping the dark at bay.
Bringing to light it’s colorful bow,
it shot rays at it’s dark foe.
Charmed by the pretty sight we sprinted on,
entering the city’s din of the morn.
I started to pen down this beauty-without-a-flaw.
Framing it to a song, still filled in awe………….!!

This post was submitted by Sanjay.

Category: Nature Poems
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