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Pain begins to grow inside,
my already broken heart.
Salty tears can no longer hide,
as my insides rip apart.
My heart pounds madly in my chest,
tears still sting my eyes.
My mind seems it will never rest,
I doubt it even tries.
I watch the blade glint in the light,
and my terror goes away.
My mind desperately tries to fight,
but the urge is here to stay.
I long to see my blood flow,
as the razor slices skin.
I’d like to watch all this pain go,
and see my troubles end.
My heart beats even faster now,
as the cold blade touches skin.
I cannot even picture how,
my life came to an end.
Yet my choice is already made,
as my blood begins to spill.
I close my eyes and drag the blade,
it seems against my will.
I smile and lay back on the bed,
and very deeply sigh.
And every thought entered clears my head,
as I whisper my last goodbye.

This post was submitted by tears of blood.

Category: Sad Poems
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