Can you hear me?

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Life has never been this complicated
Nor have times ever been this hard
Everyone has to make sacrifices
Most are hard

Life is full of mistakes
But that’s how we learn
Everyone makes them
It’s only a matter of time before the damage is done

We need not shield ourselves from the world
Hiding behind our pride
A simply conversation would put out that fire

You say I have an attitude
But you don’t even know why
It wouldn’t hurt to ask
Just give me the time of daylight

Turn the music down
And the TV off
Listen to me. Don’t you hear me calling?
I would love to just be closer to you!

We walk around like everything’s fine
Open your eyes DAD, and look into mine
I sit here all day trying to find the right words
Words that won’t offend you and make you explode
If you would just listen time and time again
I wouldn’t have to pour my feelings out through this pen

After you read this, I pray things change
I pray that you and I will see better days!

This post was submitted by BrittanyNoel.

Category: Father Poems
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