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I thought I could escape it while i was with you,
Actually I did,
But then you told me you were moving,
And so now,
I am suffocating in the smothering darkness once more,
All alone,
No one there to help me through it,
No one there to encourage me onwards to the light,
No one there to make me completey happy, like I am with you.

It’s in my nature to be alone,
I never knew that until now,
I had my suspicions before,
But now I know for sure,
Because there’s always something,
Something there to keep either,
You or me away from each other,
To make sure it would all fall apart.

Whats wrong with me?
Every time I love someone,
They either don’t love me back,
Thinking of me only as a friend,
If even that,
Or as a little sister to be protected,
Or if he does love me,
Then I either can’t see him anymore,
Or he has to move, leave me behind,
Or both.

It’s smothering me in it’s deathly folds,
It’s getting harder for me to escape it,
Harder for me to smile, really smile,
Harder for me to be happy, truely happy,
Harder for me to get through each day,
Without thoughts of running away,
Or thoughts of killing myself,
Of letting myself float away with the wind.
It’s hard for me to think of staying alive,
When theres nothing to live for.,
Nothing to look forward too,

Because to me,
Everythng is Darkness.

This post was submitted by Aimee.

Category: Break Up Poems
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