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I feel alone in this world, no one understands me,
I’m on the edge, I’m about to jump, can’t anyone see?
I’m invisible to this world, and everyone in it,
All I am is a tiny little speck on a big huge planet,
My only friend in this world is the darkness of night,
It’s only here for awhile, but it makes things alright,
My friends and my family have all gone away,
They pretended to help, but they wouldn’t stay,
They said that they’d help me, they said that they’d be there,
But in the end, when I really needed them, they didn’t care,
They told me they’ve tried, but they’ve given up on me now,
They left me alone to figure life out some how,
I don’t trust my self to do what is right,
But then comes darkness again, everything will be alright,
Darkness is not happy, but it’s better than light,
It shows me the truth of my everyday life,
It asks me the question of why I’m still here,
But deep in my heart, the answers not clear,
Why am I still here, when my life is nothing but pain,
The darkness, it tells me, I have nothing to gain,
I don’t know when, but the day will come,
When I leave, and say, goodbye to everyone,
The day will be sad, but it wont last long,
People will go on living as if nothing was wrong,
But nothing was wrong, because i was never really there,
Same as before, all I’ll be is a whisper in the air.

This post was submitted by Alicia Garcia.

Category: Sad Poems
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