“I wanna be “

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I wanna be your sweetest hello and your saddest goodbye
I wanna be part of your fantasy and make me your reality
I wanna be the face that you cant forget and have the smile that makes your day
I wanna be the one you long to touch and be the kiss that you want to taste
I wanna be there to greet you every morning and to lay beside you every night
I wanna be the answer to your every wish and be the one that you always miss

I wanna be the one that you always need
I wanna b the air that you breathe
I wanna be the one that you need to survive
the one that you cant live without
I wanna be the only one that you will always love
I wanna be your reason for everything,
the gurl that you wont give up for anything…

This post was submitted by jane.

Category: Love Poems
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