Journey Into Madness

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My heart wrecked with sorrow
My pain ingrained deep
With my vision of tomorrow forgotten and asleep

A world of illusion
Where reality is so warped
A mirage of confusion
Where i chose not to walk

Instead i tread the path
Where others fear to go
Where GOD meets you there
Where I’d been once before

Where i strayed from my roots
And forgotten my dreams
Crossed over the river
And swam the lonely stream

I searched high and low
I walked through the valleys
I delved in the deep
And dismal dark alleys

Only to find loneliness
And empty sullen eyes
Living with pain
And so full of lies

Only to find hatred
Where only love should live
A world full of sin
Which only GOD could forgive

I saw through the shadows
I came through the rain
To merge with the darkness
The light once again

My hopes and my dreams
Subdued with remorse
My plans and my schemes
Brought me back to the source

From the torment of passion
To the Glory of Truth
I found GOD in the treasure
I found Loving proof

I played in the ocean
I glided through the sea
I crossed back over the river
Where I learned to be free

This post was submitted by Tracey Duffy.

Category: Christian Poems
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