Just be yourself

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You’re walking these halls like you’re superman,
Like you’re better than everyone,
but underneath the suit and mask you’re nothing,
you’re just like Everyone else,
so why is it that when I catch you looking at me you think I’m different; but the truth is
It’s been me all this time

Don’t think that I don’t know about all these
Rumors you’ve been spreading, you think it’s
Funny to say these things, but deep down
Inside you know they’re not true, so why even
Bother to hurt me haven’t you done enough,
Why do you have to hurt me; just leave me alone

So why can’t you just give it up, hang up the
Mask and suit and be someone you want to
Be, not what everyone else wants you to be,
You know what you did was wrong; you saw
How it hurt me; maybe one day you’ll step back
And reevaluate what you’ve done

Go ahead lie to my face and tell me
Those rumors aren’t true; tell me it
Wasn’t you, but you and I both know
It was you, so why can’t you just
Admit it tell me your sorry,
tell me what you did was wrong, I thought
You were better than this but I guess not,
You’ve become everyone else now,
Cause when you’re with me you’re someone else
but when you’re with your so called friends you’re a fake

It’s been me this entire time why
Can’t you see it’s me, I guess you’ve
Been too busy trying to impress others
with someone you’re not,
I hope one day you’ll stop letting others
make who you are and just be yourself

P.S to all the guys who have hurt me, I don’t hate you I just ask that you grow up and learn how to treat the ladies right; Cause one day karma is going to come back and bite you and it’s going to hurt. I hope someday you’ll become someone you want to become not what everyone wants you to be.

This post was submitted by Jessica Rose Davis.

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10 Responses

  • najwa says:

    That’s so true. It’s better to be who you are rather than trying to impress others …….Just be yourself and everything will work out the best..

  • mariam says:

    i love all that u said that is so true it’s as if u’re speaking for me!!!being ourselves is the key to everything!!:)

  • diamond says:

    i liked this poem a lot it really caught my attention! people need to stop trying to impress and be themselves

  • logan donovan says:

    That poem is true but i just don’t like the way you worded it and it sounded like it was to just directed to one person which doesn’t make it that fun and helpful for others to read.

  • shelina says:

    That’s so true ! I’ve been in your steps, I’ve been bullied 24/7, they would never understand our feelings, and how they make things so much worse, but don’t worry like you said, karma gonna get back at them, but 100 times worse.:)

  • patricia says:

    yes to all the guys and yes girls too.

  • pakkies says:

    I really support your ideas in this poem because really it’s nice to live your own life so that even if things don’t go according to your plans no one must be blamed except yourself thank you very much keep on with poems like this even in future maybe some people will see the difference

  • SUGANTHI says:

    IT’S 100% TRUE.. I AGREED WITH U..

  • Hope Dykes says:

    that was truly the best be yourself poem i have ever read. it really gave be a heads up or a look into the true world.i am now going to be myself and really let my friends see the real me. i just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing that poem. I am in the biggest pile of lies that i can even tell you the first lie that started everything. All because i wanted to fit in with the crowd, but how are you supposed to fit in with the crowd if you were born to stand out.

  • nicg says:

    i love these poems i used to want to be like everyone else but then realised if i was like everyone else i wouldnt be me .



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