Last Breath

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I watch you as your life fades away
Having no energy to be alive, or pray

Your hope is a dream and your faith is dead
You feel like a failure with every word said

Your soul is lost, still wandering around
You don’t know why you’re here, in dead silence, no sound

The wind howls your name as the sky starts to cry
You walk alone down this path, wanting to die

You count each and every minute wondering when this will end
Feeling hateful and sulky wishing this life could mend

You live in secrecy, so quiet, so scared
You’re broken, you’re damaged, your feelings are impaired

There’s no tears left to cry, no emotion, only pain
There’s nothing left in this life, no happiness to gain

Your eyes are dark, leaving a deadly blank stare
Your once beautiful smile is now crippled and bare

You feel neglected; you’re miserable, you’re sad
You are full of sorrow, no energy to be mad

I look into your once, gorgeous eyes
No more sparkle, now filled with lies

Your once healthy, beating heart is now bruised and aching
You are suffering and hurt, your own death is awakening

You have made the wrong decisions, but there is still little hope
You’re a shattered teen aged girl who does not know how to cope

The hatred you have for life bursts into flames
You are not at fault, you are not to blame

Your sick of trying but you haven’t tried hard enough
Believe in yourself, I understand this life is rough

Suicide is in your thoughts; you cannot seem to pass time
You are always exhausted and feel that your life is a crime

You fall into pieces as your life wastes away
Hating more and more each and everyday

Your suffocating in your sorrow taking your last breath
This is the beginning of your slow, painful death.

This post was submitted by Amanda.

Category: Sad Poems
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