Let Me Go

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Music take me away
Some other place, some other day
Help me find a way
For once to just be okay

Play the notes I need to hear
Bringing death oh so near
Don’t even bother to shed a tear
I know you wont think of missing me dear

Sing me your song so soft and light
It brings me comfort as I die this night
Let me go, do not fight
I’ll disappear like, in the sky, a kite

I hope the music will take you away
Maybe back to the old days
Help you hold on and find a way
Than maybe you too will be okay

I’ll play the notes you need to hear
But I’m playing them to keep death at bay and me near
Even though you have not, I will cry tears
I miss you so very much dear

Singing you your song so dark yet light
Maybe it will bring you comfort as I leave you tonight
I have lost you, lost this fight
Please let me go; you cant hold on to a flying away kite .

This post was submitted by Anna.

Category: Sad Poems
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