Let My Worries Go…

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It’s like nothing else, a feeling impossible to explain,
Something so little, yet that causes so much pain.

The cut, the stab, the burn,
With each one comes a new lesson to learn.

Each one getting deeper and deeper in my skin,
Realizing how hard of a battle it is to win.

Such a rush I cannot resist,
Bringing new scars among my wrist.

Wishing, wanting, waiting for each one to heal,
Causing new emotions, never sure exactly how I feel.

Its like a rush, always leaving a crave for more,
Releasing me from my worries, letting my mind soar.

Realizing this habit is only getting worse,
I need someone there to be my nurse.

Advice from a friend I needed to seek,
Hoping they won’t judge me and say I’m a freak.

The hardest part is telling those who care,
The honest truth is hard to bare.

Everyone says they understand,
Telling me they are here to offer a healing hand.

Breaking a habit is quite the task,
Never knowing exactly what to ask.

I worry, I cry, I toss and I turn,
Understanding how much trust I have to earn.

Such a monster I was in my past,
Now I dream this habit won’t last.

I am a coward, I shake in my skin,
I search to find my power that comes from within.

This post was submitted by Brittany .

Category: Life Poems
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