Love, Loss, Lesson Learned

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I have loved and lost,
I have fallen hard.
I have decided,
It’s time that I settle my score.

I will not be bitter,
though I will want to for a while.
I will not regret,
that which once made me smile.

I will learn from my pain,
time after time.
Each lesson I’ve learned,
has made me stronger inside.

The strength of each love,
the burn of it’s flame,
the heat it emits,
means that much more pain.

A heart can be broken,
each time…repaired,
each time more fragile,
to be handled with greater care.

Upon it’s last fall,
it will yet again break,
not just into little pieces…
it will in incinerate.

At this point, as you know,
a body can not survive
without a heart and
without a soul.

So tonight, as I said,
I am here to settle my score,
Learning from the love
I had once before.

No More Will I Fall In Love,
for Falling Only Hurts,
My heart has been broken,
It has been crushed and burned.

So here is my heart,
this is all that is left.
I must now become the phoenix
and rise from the ash.

I will walk into love,
Slowly at first,
After all….
This Is My Re-Birth!

As I learn to fly,
There will be highs and lows,
But I will spread my wings…
And I will be Free…

This post was submitted by The Sacrifice.

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