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I Watch My Child Take His First Footsteps,
He Wobbles Unsteady, I Hold My Breath,
But He Doesn’t Notice My Unease.
As He Makes This Great Effort To Reach His Favorite Teddy.
It Sits There ,Glazed Eyes Staring,
But to This Child, He’s Worth the Great Struggle,
To Sit And Talk With This Furry Little Friend.
Who Keeps Him Company In Darkened Rooms.
If Only His Childhood Innocence Could Not Be Taken From Him,
Never To Know War, Hunger, Or Death.
Never To Know The Loss Of Friends Torn Apart By Bombs And Bullets.
Killed In Acts Of Violence.
Acts Of Violence Carried Out By Grown Adults.
Adults, Who Were Once As Young And Innocent
As This Child I now Observe,
Who As Children, Played With Teddy’s Themselves,
Brought Them To Bed, And Dreamed Fairytale Dreams.

This post was submitted by Patrick Ambrose.

Category: Baby Poems
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