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The Death Wish

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Why Sleep? if the sleep brings you nightmares
Why Dream? if the dreams always crashes and break like mirrors.

Why Live? if the life here and after equals horror.
Why Cry? if there are many existed rivers

Why Awake? if Awakening has no value
Why See? if seeing has no volume

Why Love? if love is pain
Why Wish? if all the wishes goes down to the drains.

This post was submitted by Khandaker Saadi.

Rhyme of Life

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I usually express emotion in a complex scheme of rhyme
To make my mind relax and my heart to be fine
This way words could no longer be difficult to release
And no more spoken words to be missed.

Every day of my life is a series
Time is so fast enough to be noticed
I’m then a little one who just know how to play
But now, I’m more than enough compare to yesterday

Looking back to the old times, I must not be a coward
I should build strength to move on forward
Remembering those, I might shed tears
But at this moment I should fight my fears.

It is nice to know that there will always be tomorrow
The best thing to do is just go with the flow
Life is like this, filled with sorrow
But be tough enough with a raising brow.

This post was submitted by Juenessee Dona.

Creature of the night

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I’m a creature of the night
seduced by the flickering evening lights
had tasted all sorts of delights
in my fearless flight.

My place is like prison at day
a poignant punishment i need to pay
i feel so lonely, i could hardly breathe
but i need to embrace for this is my fate.

I am not like other social butterflies
full of deception and lies
i’m a creature of the night
that spread her wings and ready to fight.

Now I’ve learned my craft and tailored my technique
i was certain for i am unique
i’m a creature of the night
living in a world with no lights.

This post was submitted by kirsten G.

Most of people

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Days pass by I don’t utter a Word
I do so cause my voice was never Heard

There was a time I talked a Lot
For all those things that were wrong I Thought

People looked at me with sight of Hate
I felt so bad, but I guess it was my Fate

I always wanted joy and happiness for all of Us
But the circumstances where I stand creates a Fuss

I can’t tell anyone what’s going Around
Cause if I do, my Sun would go Down

There’s so much love inside of Me
I cannot leave and let my loved ones Be

I sink myself in the dark ocean at Night
And I pray to God to pull me in if I’m not Right

I pray to God to call me soon (It’s a Sin)
And forgive my sins & let me shine like the Moon

I sit alone with no one by my Side
I want to run away, but there’s no place to Hide

I pray to God to show me the righteous Path
But something tells me it’s the path I already Hath

I cry at night and fall Asleep
I try not to but my loneliness makes me Weep

I carry so much sorrow inside of Me
And pretend that I’m happy as I ever could Be

I meet people with a smiling & a shiny Face
Hoping one day I would win this Race

There’s always something that keeps me from falling Apart
And brings smoothness to my pounding Heart

I’m in a place that is so dark, I always search for something Bright
But He(God) promises us that after darkness there is some Light.

These are the words that help me to move On
Otherwise I would have already been Gone

Now I gotta stop writing on the Paper with this Pen
Cause my story goes on & it has no end……. It has no end……

This post was submitted by Abdul Rahman Shams.

Dancing Peacocks

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Dancing peacocks welcome the clouds

magnificent rainbow on feather

Connoisseurs of beloved motherland

Witnessed the artistry weather

Each raindrop like the pouring prism

reflecting the color of nature

Blooming soil happy to embrace

blessing seeds of the sky-lure

Lively landmarks by indomitable plughole

rhythms of dancing plants and buds

Chorus of frogs and beetles in high pitch

transparent screen of silky threads

Singing flow of water falls and rivers

expanding the arms to feed well

Sailing swans with lotus in the ponds

moving in the boat of the sound bell

Shining carpet of greenery grass -plants

saluting the gentle touch of the ray

Melody of the temple bells, while

illuminating the chariot on the tradition way

Silver edges, endless shapes golden layers

to the clouds of goodwill and hope

Milky-grains rising to the plants

drafting the eternal life-line of scope

Blessing souls of helping divine team

rain incarnating threw the flower plants

Shaping the route to reach the destiny

with holy-fertile- memorable events.

This post was submitted by Puttu Kulkarni.

My lady

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At one time not so long ago
I was lost in a place of darkness and despair.

In the distance I saw a faint light
as it grew brighter i saw you there

An angel so lovely and caring
you showed the way out

now my days are filled with love
and our future is bright of this
i have no doubt

My promise too you my sweet angel is this,
As long as there is breath in my lungs
i will scream my love for you from ever mountain top

As long as my eyes still see i will look upon you with love
As long as my arms still function i will hold you tightly and lovingly

As long as my legs still work i will run too your

But most importantly!As long as this tortured heart still beats
it will forever belong too the one who gives my life purpose- YOU.

This post was submitted by walter.

Impossible Hill

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The dreams I have
Float on clouds of apprehension
A headache I have
Too much tension
A hope for me
Is of genuine concern
Which everyone can be
Of one I should learn
To be one, To be all
To get up when I fall
Is of that I am learning still
To be weak, to be strong,
To accept when I wrong,
still climbing impossible hill
And keep climbing should I must,
In my own will should I trust,
To be one, to be all
Is of that I am learning still
to be weak, to be strong,
now accepting when I wrong,
I am now climbing most possible hill.

This post was submitted by Desiree Sawyer.

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