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It’s like you don’t know I’m here,
can you see me?
don’t you notice,
sometimes you’re out of control,
just look around,
in every direction,
There is a person who was hurt by you.
They wont admit it,
but it’s right on their face,
I want to be around you,
but sometimes it’s hard,
I’m not invisible,
I’m actually very real,
just look into my eyes,
and you’ll see the pain and the cries.

This post was submitted by Madison Mohr.

Category: Love Poems
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One Response

  • jazmine jaquez says:

    I love this poem. i had these feelings when I broke up with my ex. I had told my friend that i loved him and then i found out later that she went out with him too and she was the reason we broke up. He always wanted her. NOT ME:(



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