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The way you look at her,
Is a sight I love to see.
But inside I’m always wishing,
That you were looking at me.

And then you go and talk with her,
And look into her eyes.
While I just stare and smile,
But inside I want to cry.

After school at home, I dream,
How that girl should be me.
The one that makes your heart race fast,
But in reality I’m the girl you can’t see.

I must just be invisible,
Even with all the things I do.
I thought you would notice me,
Just as easy as i noticed you.

I guess i know my answer,
Invisible I’ll always be.
I just wish the way you look at her,
Is the way you’d look at me.

By Selesitila Tenney.:)
No copyright.

This post was submitted by Selesitila .

Category: Sad Love Poems
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