Peddle to the Floor

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I’m made to be ashamed of the way i am,
but continue to go forward with it.
It’s like i’m in a car with the gas peddle slammed to the floor.
And there nothing I can do but hold on and pretend to be in control.
But the truth is control was lost a long time ago.

The nightmares I get while lying in bed.
so many voices inside my head.
It’s always there right by my side saying “your soul will be mine.”
There’s something driving me,
something i can’t identify or comprehend.

But i know it’s there
It wants to be a master me it’s slave with me till my grave.
I don’t know how dominant it can be, all i know is its after me.
Yes, I’m afraid but continue to go on.

Tied in this car with the peddle slammed to the floor.
With nothing to do but hold on and pretend in search of a friend.
Looking out the window of the door waiting for help from someone
who no matter what wants me with my problems and more.

This post was submitted by Mercedes.

Category: Sad Poems
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