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Lessons learnt, truth be told,
Lies will hurt those involved.
Pain is caused, scars run deep,
Through our lives the truth will seep.
Some lies are made without a sound,
But all that’s left is shaky ground.
A lie, just one can often grow,
Gone out of hand before you know.
Attention is what some will seek,
other just a flaw made weak.
Everyone has told a lie,
At least one before they die.
Some are large, some not so,
All will end in a awful row.
Friendships lost from minor tales,
The real ones last when truth prevails.
The lessons learnt, the truth been told,
We could lose the ones to hold.
Wisdom gained from our mistakes,
Telling truth is all it takes.

This post was submitted by Katrina.

Category: Life Poems
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