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It’s Hard for Me

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You think this is easy
it is hard for me
when you calm me down
i know it,it ain’t gonna be easy
the reason i’m still here is because of you
but when you told me the bad news
it’s like a piece of me just gone
even it hurt me badly
but i’ll try my best to forget you

I won’t let you go
but i probably should
even it is not my willing
but you said so
you already took a piece of me
and it’s hard for me to fix it

When you broke my heart
i felt like there’s nothing
meant for me anymore
but it doesn’t matter anymore
cause you’ll just treat me like a piece of paper
i know i’m not like a shinny star
that shines under the moon light
but i need to let you know what i feel
how badly i’ll get hurt
it doesn’t matter anymore
cause you’ll never know.

This post was submitted by Pan Yen Wah.

First Love

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When I First Met You I Said You Were Fine,
You Came Into My Life I Said You Were Mine.

You Gave Me Your First Kiss And Blew Me Away,
Now Your In My Heart I Want You To Stay.

This post was submitted by Hayley Butcher.


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Moments with you
Are all I ever wish for
Ever since I learnt to say
I love you too
For loneliness now engulfs me
Making me to miss you more.

I would rather kiss a miss
But never miss a kiss
From the angel of my life
The one who makes my heart beat
For my love is without measure.

I thought I would learn
From experience
To forget you once we are apart
But no,
The distance is too much for me to bear.

Tears stinks my eyes
As thoughts crisis-cross my y mind
But I cannot cry
Nor laugh my lungs out
Because my memory meter
Is blank
Waiting for you to refill it
And for that,am missing you.

It is quite absurd
That I have to restrain
My feelings and desires
Of you,you the one I love
But still,am holding on
Since the love I have for you
Is the greatest
Babie,am missing you.

This post was submitted by Donah Chilo.

Flower on the Mountain

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There was a flower
On top of the mountain.
And it held beauty
And true love.

I picked that flower
Thinking I could care for it.
Better than the mountain.
Better than the world.

And I neglected that
Beautiful blossom..
It began to wither
I refused to care as I once did.

I promised I would
Love and cherish the flower.
Instead I poisoned it
By not returning its love.

If I could replant the
Flower or sow the seed,
I surely would.
I hope it returns.

This post was submitted by Jeff Hamm.

Roses Are Red

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Sometimes roses are red
Sometimes violets are blue
All I really know is I Love You
The beautiful scent of a rose
The clear blue sky
Would never compare to how you make me fly
Roses are for valentines
Violets are for whom?
You are for me, and I am for you

Roses aren’t red
Violets aren’t blue
Because the real fact is
I Love You.

This post was submitted by Pia.

One You and One Me

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One page, one life
thats all i was given

one world, one love
its all that i mention

one you, one me
thats all that i wish to see

one place, one face
thats forever in my memory

one thing, one fling
this bliss be what i bring

one kiss, one breath
its all indepth

one God, one heart
a fresh start for you and me

one lives, one dies
we all seek to just try

one you, one me
living together in harmony.

This post was submitted by Allen Dzuda.


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What should I do
Is this love true
I sit here confused
Waiting for you to pull through
My heart is full of love
Why do I give it to you
When all you do is take it
And break it
Without regards to what you do
I’m sitting here in the dark
Hoping for the light
To shine on us
And make everything right
But love can’t mend itself
So I’m left reaching for the stars
Only to discover
Happiness for me is way too far
You say you try
Yet I’m still in tears
For I wouldn’t be crying
If Your love was truly here
I’m just left hoping for the day
When you pull through
And figure out that a true man
Is all I wish of you.

This post was submitted by Charlene.

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