True Love

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Looking for love everywhere
Searched in your heart and found it there
This is no truth or dare
So lets live together in this square
My life use to be super lame
You appeared and gave it game
Damn right it aint the same
You may think im dramatic
No im not sarcastic
But my heart feels lik melted plastic
Help me escape all this tragic, im not fantastic
No i aint smart
But i got a heart
You make my heart skip a beat
I cant walk this world alone
So take my hand and take me home
Love kisses behind the building
But please dont play with my feelings
Call me a fag, jst know that i hurt but i got swagg
Im priceless so i dont wear a price tag
You make me happy and proud
So lets get high and walk on clouds
Make love and turn it wild
Until love makes us a child
But let me stop before i write a mile
Never forget i love you
Lets walk this earth as two.

This post was submitted by Johnny G.

Category: Love Poems
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