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One Love

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Is there only one person for me?
The one that only i can see?
Is he the key to my heart?
Or just a guy playing a part

He’s my first love, but my only one
Is there only one love?
Are we meant for just one?
Why am I the only one, that asks?

Some days, it just seems to matter to me
To him, I never seem to know
He only shows it ever so often
But sometimes i need to know how truly he feels

To me, I feel like we’ve known each other forever
Is that why it feels like we’re far apart?
Not physically or emotionally but mentally
I need to know is he my only one.

You tell me you love me, but you never show it
Hugs and little kisses is all i see
Not someone who wants to spend eternity with me.
Are you my only one? Soon we will find out

Now my answer to only one love is not done
It still needs to be figured out
But sooner or later i know in my heart that one day
My one and only one love will appear to me

This post was submitted by Laura Tuttle.

Pain In love

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I inhale from this joint
you look at me and point

I say it takes it all away
It keeps the pain at bay

You look upon me disgusted
You say It was me you once trusted

I tell you it will all be ok
Now you just want me to go away

I try to hide this pain I have deep inside
It’s hard to do without someone by my side

My heart aches for someone to love
Sitting here doubting there is someone watching from above

My red eyes red
Making me unable to move from this bed

I hope you all will someday know why
I am just waiting to die

The drugs to my heart are setting in
As I write all this down with this pen

I live a lonely life
One with little strife

To the girl I love but does not love me back

I hope you know that I would die for you
As I lay here and cry for you

I wish I knew one thing
Why are you doing this to me.

As I lay here and cry
I’m waiting to die.

This post was submitted by cody howell.

I was alone

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All i did was say
everything i had for her
it surely wasn’t a mistake
then why did it hurt
she was gone
i was alone
was left with nothing
only memories
which hurt and kill
everyday became a burden
forgot to smile
never laughed again
had to ask myself
whats down upon me !!

Its not everyday
that you meet someone special
the cruel world it is
has its own beauty
and i knew she was one
as long as i was with her
she had my world go round
i was the invincible one
seemed i had everything
cared with all for her
just to be with her
but in the end
it was not to be
she was gone
and i was alone.

This post was submitted by mark.


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I look around everywhere
To find that I am the only one
In darkness I feel left always
Feeling that they’re my light
Feelings that are pain
but they’re soothing like used to
It’s like addicted to what you don’t want but need
If you know what I mean
Don’t have to be another me to feel
Just have to be in me

I am fallen
Bring me back from this fall
Shake me before too late
Stand beside before too wrong
Wake me before I am gone

Fallen, indeed I am
Hurt deep inside
Can’t get up like before falling so hard
That everything is fallen so “heartlessly”
Sinking deep down under the dark sky
Crawling with numbness in addiction
There is everybody but no anybody
Like only you to see tears in your eyes
Falling & fallen
It’s the fallen me

I am living
If living has nothing to do with being alive for you
Feelings & emotions are burnt & tears have dried
Everything’s numb like stone
Only that stones can’t feel the pain of numbness
Everything’s faded & fallen
World’s dark, life’s painful
Soul’s blown, heart’s broken
Soul’s breathing & heart’s beating
Another human heart just like you

I am fallen
Bring me back from this fall
Shake me before too late
Stand beside before too wrong
Wake me before I am gone.

This post was submitted by Suso.


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When i met you, i was blessed
Then you begun to hurt me though you dont see
My fragile heart you shuttered apart
Why my eyes cried when where apart.

You said, you cared
And that you won’t leave
Though your with me it feels your away
Why you must hurt me this way

My air is you
Body and Soul i gave to you
But thing’s you change
Why you kill me this way

Someday i will let go
I will one day no longer know you
My heart will heal too
Why am still hurting over you.

This post was submitted by ChIlI.


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Why it has to be me
You can’t see that you hurt me
No matter what I do never enough for you
You made my heart really died

You made me believe that am for you
You made me want you
But your showing me a different you
You had made me trust you

Pain I feel kill’s me
Can’t you just go
Let me be alone that I want to be
For you no longer for me

You charmed me and let me cry
I never though it will be
Sad thing’s you had said
Please just leave me and let my feelings die too

Sorry if I had loved you so
I have been so blind, I never saw the real you
I made mistakes, yes i admit
Mistakes of loving you coz you never been true.

This post was submitted by ChIlI.

I Can’t Let You Go

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I loved you;
so much, it even hurt.
I never dreamed you would do,
what you did do.
We were engaged,
meant to be,
together forever,
if only, if only I could see.
I’ve tried so hard;
and realized, I can’t let you go.
With all my strength and courage;
it’s still hard to get to my feet.
Now you’re back, wanting me;
asking for me.
A thousand questions in my head;
Why? Can I trust him? Can he have me?
I know these questions are foolish.
For I already know the answers.
No matter what you did, you will have me.
‘Cause, I can’t let you go.

This post was submitted by Chaena Boo.

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