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My little boy came into the world
Quiet and peaceful no cries to be heard
Waiting for the cry was like a thousand years
The silence like thunder in my ears

God came down from above and said
I need this little one in heaven instead
I pleaded with God to take another
But He said I will send him a little brother

His little eyes closed. His hand went tight
I held him and prayed with all my might
That maybe God will change His mind
And give me back this son of mine

I realize now that God was right
And He needed my boy in heaven that night
He is with God and I am at peace
I know he’s surrounded by angels at least

I picture him flying with his wings
I imagine him doing wonderful things
I pray he looks down on me everyday
And blesses his family in every way.

I miss you Noah with all my heart
I will never forget your beating heart
Your tiny hands and tiny feet
Your baby smell, ever so sweet

Together only a very short time
It felt like eternity in my mind
I will never forget you, not now not ever
My love for you will last forever

This post was submitted by Cateirna Romeo.

Category: Baby Poems
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One Response

  • Elisha says:

    I loved your poem it’s truly touched me. I am three months pregnant and to just think of this makes me humble myself so much more. I don’t know you but I love you and your passion stay blessed and strong for not only yourself but for women hearts like mine that you touch. <3 Elisha.



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