The Key to Heaven

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If the key to heaven is love,
then we know that Mary is there.
She was one who was never above
taking the time to share.

And if the key is faith,
in our mourning we are assured
in knowing that her fate
has surely reflected that reward.

If in authenticity the key be found,
heaven is celebrating
for now on their holy ground
is another angel in waiting.

But if the key be inspiration,
we are encouraged still,
Mary gave us all motivation
to climb up any hill.

And if happiness is the key,
we likewise have nothing to fear
The gates were opened wide
the day she went from here.

The key could very well be
found in loyalty –
and if that be the case
then she has unlocked the gates.

The golden key to heaven
to us may never be revealed,
but Mary has surely given
the model we should appeal.

This post was submitted by Candice Miller.

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