Angel in Heaven

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Angel in Heaven,
Can you hear me?
Can you see me?
If you can,
Please come and help me.

I need you here
I’m scared
You don’t have to do much,
I just need you to be near.
You don’t have to save me,
Just stay close.

I need your comfort,
I need soothing words.
I want to cry to you,
I want you to save me.
But that’s being selfish,
And I just want you near me.

Angel in Heaven,
Did you hear my prayer?
Did you decide already?

Angel in Heaven,
Even though I’m hurt,
I’ll still wait for you.
Even though I’m scared,
I’ll keep holding on.
Even if you don’t come,
I’ll never give up hope.

Angel in Heaven,
Thank you for trying.
Thank you for listening.
Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.
But it’s my time to go.
Thank you for my life,
And thank you for being there.

Angel in Heaven,
I have some great news!
I no longer have cuts or bruises,
I no longer have scars.
All I have now are,
A plain white dress,
A beautiful pair of wings,
And a smile on my face.

Angel in Heaven,
You taught me so much.
You gave me my freedom
And you gave me love.
Thank you Angel and everyone else too.
But the one I should really be thankful to,
Is you.

I’m going to help people
Just as you helped me.
I’m going to give hope
To those who need me.

You’ve given me my happiness…

Thank you Angel.

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One Response

  • Allan Boyd says:

    Very touching prayer! I know that God would listen too that prayer, coming out of a prue heart from any one, He would accept the prayer given too the Angel in His Son’s Name, Jesus Christ. 🙂



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