Do You Want me?

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I love your smile
*especially your dimples
I love your eyes
*how they change color
I love your face
*so sexy never any less
I love your body
*every part idc how your are
but most of all i just love you!
i love how we are
but baby i want to no the truth

I dont want to get hurt
but im not afraid
i wont let go unless you do
even so I’ll probably stay
Is it so you just want to get laid
no feelings for me

tell me the truth babe
so we can decide
how to live our lives
Without any lies
Do you want me?
Cuz i want you
look at what we’v been through
we know so much of one another
not afraid to do anything in front of the other

but babe i want all of you
i want your love
i want your heart
so please babe tell me
do you want me
all that there is
Am i good enough to show off
to be with 4ever

i want to make that choice
cuz i love you
i need you
i want you

now its your turn to be honest
do you want me?
just tell the truth.

This post was submitted by Amy RITRITRITCHIE.

Category: Love Poems
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