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Finally, summer has arrived.
Fresh green leaves blow in the warm breeze,
as I swim in the pool with eez.
Schools out and there is some fun to be had.
Sometimes good and sometimes bad.
It’s to warm to stay in,
and to hot to stay out. But I can’t just sit here and pout.
Thunderstorms are a bonus, tornadoes are not.
Thank goodness we don’t have hurricanes in Michigan,
that wouldn’t be so hot.
I see hot air balloons in the sky,
but I don’t ever think I would go that high.
Hot dogs and hamburgers being grilled every night,
or a nice picnic would be alright.
Finally, summer has arrived, winter we have all survived.

This post was submitted by Misha Jenzen.

Infinite love

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I love you with my heart, soul, body and mind;
a love like ours is rare to find.
you kiss me so softly yet i feel the strength of your love,
your beautiful amber eyes glisten like stars from above.
your touch screams passion as you caress my skin,
you are my souls counterpoint,
i can feel it deep within.
your arms become my shelter when i feel the need to run,
i was not expecting this but i have found the one.
i wanted nothing more than to be your princess,
then we were blessed with our very own;
i then became your devoted queen
with your heart as my cherished throne.
i give you my whole heart as you are my king,
its the very least u deserve for the happiness you bring.
this is a vow to love your heart, soul, body and mind,
the romance we share we were lucky to find.
you have given me infinite reasons to love my life everyday,
and nothing or no one can ever take that away.
so here is my promise that i making to you,
you are the only one i love and i will forever be true…
i will love you forever, in every lifetime,
as long as you promise to always be mine.

This post was submitted by Mariah L. Capelle.

Love is Not..

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Love is not a joke
Love is not meant to be broke
Love is not a sin
Love is not what you’ve always seen
Love is not unbreakable
Love is not always availble
Love is not a fame
Love is not a game
Love is not rage
Love doesn’t matter about age
Love is not death
Love is not losing your breath
Love is not always right
Love doesn’t come over night
Love is not fair
Love doesn’t always have a pair

This post was submitted by joedy.

I am who I am

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I am who I am
Who else would I be
I won’t change for you
So why change for me
I won’t waste my life
Being someone I can not be
Because I’m not a fake
Unwilling to break
Get used to what you see
I’m going to be me.

This post was submitted by kanhaiya singh.

Without me bleeding

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Its funny how you came so fast,
funnier how you told me we would last.
It was funny how you swept me off my feet,
funnier how you pulled me in so deep.

without the smile upon you face,
you grew cold and made us seem like
a waste of time and my faith.

i tried over and over again to love you,
but it wasn’t the issue,
it was you finally trusting me
and realizing i was not the one for you.
instead of being real you took me down and under.

i just think its so funny
how i thought my life would end with you.
its funnier how i thought you believed in it to.
like the feelings were mutual between us two.

for some reason, i just cant get over you,
maybe it was how you lied til we were through.
how you turned around and asked me t wait for you,
how you took me through the fire and left me to burn without you.

i find it fascinating how you can keep stabbing me in my heart, without me bleeding..

This post was submitted by Chaznique.

Saint Valentine

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The sky of love embraced the new sunshine,
When light was shone by saint valentine,
With the heart of love,
And hand of god above,
He preached the way to god,
Condemning the blooded sword,
When Claudius II outlawed the institution of marriage,
The saint! sang in disparage.
When every head bowed down,
The love feed saint made a holy sound,
With his quill and his will,
His beliefs stood firm and still,,
He moved hearts and souls of men to righteous path,
Surely he had face the king’s wrath,
He said nay,
To his lords foray,
His body was then sent to a jail,
As humanity was left alone to wail,
But his soul could not be caged,
As, there was to be his final act staged,
There he mellowed down the jailer,
As hes love turned the curer,
His pursuit of love took him to his fate,
As it got him his “blind” date,
The jailer’s daughter,
His heart finally got wet in the enchanted water,
But his caper was to come to an end,
As it was the king himself, his fiend,
Sentenced to death!
Hang him until his last breath!
Oh nay! The sun of love was again to be orphaned,
But no, the destiny played a coy,
A letter came to his lover….
The love from that day matured its shine
As lettered was signed,
“From your Valentine”.

This post was submitted by adi.

Rest in Peace

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Rest in peace, my beloved wife.
You were a big part of my life.
All those memories that we shared together.
Those memories of us were meant to last forever.

I have always cared for you, you were my shining star.
Stars like you however, can be too far.
So whenever I look up at the glitter-covered skies.
I will always remember you, just by looking with my eyes.

Even though at some point we couldn’t get along.
I should have listened to you, I was wrong.
I hope you can hear what I’m saying, can you ever forgive me.
Without you I would have been all alone, no one but me.

I should’ve came to you for when you needed me.
But now that you’re gone, you are finally free.
Even though I might not be able to see you anymore,
I will always remember you by heart.
I will always be with you, the bond between us will never break apart.

I can’t constantly think about you though,
I have to carry on with my life.
Rest in peace, my beloved wife.

This post was submitted by Anonymous.

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