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I can’t forget what he did to me.
I can’t change the things that are done.

I can’t forget what he did to me.
I try to make things better but,
in reality im just making them worse.

I can’t forget what he did to me.
Why cant i just forget him and move on?

I know i keep going back to him, but I can’t help myself.
He completes me and without him im nothing.

I can’t forget what he did to me.
With out him in nothing, just an empty soul in a body of nothing.

Just sitting here taking up space and time in the world.

I can’t forget what he did to me.
I need to find someone to complete my soul
and fill my empty body which sits upon this earth.

This poem was written/submitted by Harli Kovalsky.

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She tells you she loves you
and never wants to let go
then you dropped her like a feather
looked into her eyes
and stomp on her heart
some how she still has the strength
to write you this letter.

a damaged girl sits in a corner
but still holds a smile
shes been in this corner
crying over you for a while.
the darkness closes in
as she withers away
an innocent girl,
that still has to pay.

Can’t find the pieces
to put bak together
her life is over
so it doesnt matter
she realizes its to late
your gone;
but your memory will never fade.
i’ll love you forever babe.<3

This poem was written/submitted by brooke hall.

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I awaken to a new dawn,
Creations beauty surrounds me,
The air embraces me,
The sky inspires me,
The sun illuminates me,
My inner energy bursts forth,
My life has purpose, meaning,
I carry hope,
I possess passion,
I have joy,
Love’s abundance is present,
I smile,
To this I promise,
To all I meet,
I exchange and pass life’s blessing.

This poem was written/submitted by Lalitha D Moodley .

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My life has been hard,
and all my burdens great.
But I regret none of my choices,
I’ve made my own fate.
So take a look at my life,
and judge as you will.
God watches over me,
and cares for me still.
He blessed me with a child,
straight from heaven above.
With a spirit like an angel,
he fills my life with happiness and Love!

But jealously has created the harlots three,
The sloth, the addict, and the liar they be.
Pale skin hides they’re sullied souls,
with bodies like hags faces like ghouls!

Disguised as a friend the first did come,
the slovenly, the cruel, the downright scum!

A mans young life the second did take,
this foul addict, this thief, this snake!

Casting her foul shadow onto our lives,
the last one came using lies like knives!

But they harm only themselves’
with every evil stone they cast.
My foundations laid in brick,
and I have built it to last!

In the end it will be a simple mirror they face,
and see their lives empty, no honor or grace!
They never admit they’re own guilt you see,
but lie as they might they will NEVER be me!

This poem was written/submitted by barbara martin.

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The doctor saw my Nan today
And he made it clear
There’s no improvement, none at all
Does Nan even know I’m here?

As I sit close by her bed
Her eyes stare into space
Like windows with the curtains drawn
And pain shows in her face.

Some time ago when I was small
My Nan looked after me
A cuddle and elastoplast
When I had grazed my knee.

I really took so much for granted
My Nan for me was always there
Does she know how much I love her
Does she know how much I care.

She looks so tiny and so frail
When will the hurting cease
And so I pray both night and day
That she will soon find peace.

This poem was written/submitted by Coral Fallon.

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Do you wonder when you’re hurting
If it’s really all worthwhile
All that loving, caring, sharing
Just hoping for a little smile.

When you watch a loved one suffer
In constant pain, confusion too
Thinking back to all the good times
Knowing there’s nothing you can do.

Perhaps it’s better like a snail
To build a rock hard shell
To keep the pain and suffering out
But no, for we should tell

Our dear ones how we feel
To show we love and care
And even when they sometimes suffer
They know, for them you’re always there.

For if the clocks could turn back time
To good old days gone by
Wouldn’t life be so much better
No wonder we feel we want to cry.

This poem was written/submitted by Coral Fallon.

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I looked towards the starlit sky,
Looking for the shiniest star,
One caught my eye, just over the horizon,
Very carefully, I place it close to my heart,
Every step I take, the star shines brightly,
Young and pulsating, it’s brightness grew,
One day, I finally understood;
Understood that this star was my love for you.

You know that I am not selfish,
After all, I was never asking you to be mine,
All I ask is that you grant me this one wish,
It is all I want, will you be my Valentine?

This poem was written/submitted by Yuuichi.

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