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Sometimes i feel like dying
but can’t stop living for they
say I mean the WORLD.

sometimes i feel like crying
but keep on smiling for they
say I am the HOPE.

sometimes i feel i am breaking
but still stand strong for they
say I am the STRENGTH.

sometimes i believe
there will come a day
a day that takes all my
worries and pain away
a day when laughter surrounds me
and everyone laughs along with me.

This post was submitted by jaya.


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Those are words
from heaven to earth
written on the heart
on the day of birth

Those are words
unknown and to deep
which the human heart
will continuously seek

Those are words
meant for today
but the human soul
says ignorance is okay

Those are words
tried to be said
Listen now or maybe
tomorrow you’ll be dead.

This post was submitted by Camille.


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We grow as years pass
timeless we seem like an hour glass
Dreams, Thoughts, and Fears,
give us the strength with very little tears
close at hear
we remain
even if we may seem far apart
you don’t judge me nor do i judge you
everything you do or still do
im glad to have a sister
a sister just like you
i love you <3

This post was submitted by Alexa.

Can This Be Love?

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If there is no such thing with a cost
Will be there things to be valued most?
Or if there is no such thing like road, would I be lost?
And If there is no such thing like love, will this heart get frost?

How can it be a mountain
When all I see is plain?
How can it be called love when there is pain?
Can we call it love even when you are in vain?

Will be there such thing like forever?
When suddenly things get over
If someone couldn’t stay any longer
Does that mean that love is getting weaker?

If things are left behind
Answer to these could I ever find?
If love really makes you blind
Then love is not just all in the mind.

This post was submitted by Juenessee Dona.

I hate you

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Days to remember, Days to forget.
Days to consume, and days to regret.
i lived life so full of joy,
but now it seems to all be destroyed.
So now i stand here staring.
and all you have to say is i don’t love you.
you broke my heart so many times,
your words filled with hate and lies.
I don’t want you to go away.
but all you do is make me change.
what a life
oh what a day.
now i got something i got to say.
this isn’t a joke it isn’t a game.
you make me mad
now you must pay.
I hate you so much.
you probably know that.
enough is enough
I’m never coming back.

This post was submitted by aby.

No Help

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My life so dramatic,
so hard to explain.
All the pain i go through,
on a day to day base.
If only you knew me,
you would understand.
That i dont need someone,
to lend me a hand.

This post was submitted by aby.

My Beauty

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Beauty like the butterfly is she
wings so vibrant so lovely to see.
the passion is in her laugh, her art.
look close to see so different so smart.
Graceful, soft & sweet… so nice,
Draws you in like a summer night.
Singing as sweet as tea,
do you hear… artfully.
Her beauty so graceful
radiant, full of life is she.
so look to the sky,
Beauty… that’s me.

This post was submitted by aby.

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