I’m Letting Go

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Lying alone in bed, I wonder…
Do you ever think of me before you sleep?
Do you even call my name when you miss me?
Because I do, I really miss you.
Because I do, and I know this is true.
When will I learn to stop.
When will I ever grow up?

I am in love with the past.
Im so stuck.
I can’t seem to figure how to stand up.
I wish it was easy as setting aside my things.
I could burn all your pictures but your face still clear.

I can still remember how you said you’ll never go.
You used to teased me that I was the star of your show.
and I thought I was.
I believed in all your bluffs…
and right now I’m stuck in this empty dream house.

I don’t want to feel this way!
I feel so small, so helpless…
like a dust on a wall…
and you can’t see me calling on your name.
How did you, how can you…
Please tell me why…

You were my friend…
I trusted you with everything.
I never thought that you would do this to me.
How can you afford to see me cry,
and left me there as if I was never part of your life…

The moment you said goodbye,
You never said the words I wish I could hear..
You let me go like that..
and from that day on, I promised myself…
I will never love you again..

Now I’m leaving.
I finally found a way out of my childhood fantasy.
I found myself sleeping too long.
It’s time to face reality that you’ll never come back..
or even if you do, it woudn’t be the same…
You’re not the friend I used to love those days…

Ten years of loving you seem too long…
But let me spend the rest of my life
finding someone who’ll love me more…
You had your chance,
It may be too late
for past lovers to be friends…
I chose to go away, to be happy..
So I could mend, and accept that you’re no longer mine.
..You’re no longer HIM….

I was in love with the past.
I was so stuck.
and now I’m finally walking my way, standing without looking back.
It may not be as easy as setting aside my things.
but you have no pictures anymore and your face no longer clear.
You belong to her… and you said good bye to me..
I’ve waited too long… now it’s my time to be free…

This post was submitted by Kathrine Yee Baraquia.

Category: Goodbye Poems
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12 Responses

  • Sura says:

    Read this poem carefully…

    It describes everything i feel….a summary of my feelings and thoughts.

    I love it.

  • cecila says:

    its exactly how i feel wen im i going to learn to stop lovin him i got to stop holdin on to him

  • jessica says:

    i love it this so true i wish that happend to me cuz it makes me really sad
    and that all i think of

  • cole says:

    I’m glad you have gotten to the point where you can move on past the hurt and the pain. Right now I’m still stuck but I can feel the hold on me slipping away more each day and can’t wait to be in the place of happiness and peace once more.

  • Amanda, says:

    Twenty years marriage over, and now i know it was the best thing ,but it ha’s taken me three years to realize, I’m Happy………. Don’t hold onto someone that wasn’t worth holding onto.

  • debbie says:

    OMG!!! I LOVE this!!! just how I felt:( but now this makes me happy:)))

  • unknownprincess says:

    i love it. dis is how i feel.10 years of loving him was just a waste of time..

  • Lucy says:

    I LOVE this. Exactly how I feel *sighs*

  • rashmi says:

    its awesome dear speechless for this poem

  • jessie@dae says:

    this is beautiful … love it .

  • melanie says:

    this is me everything about it just brings tears to my eyes your a great writer never stop writing ….

  • Casandra says:

    You made my life



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