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Tears are coming out of her face,
But all I can say is nothing…
Then she walks out,
I want to run after her….
But my legs aren’t moving,
I want to say sorry,
I wanna make up and cuddle,
I wanna tell her to come back,
But instead,
All I do is just sit there,
Two years have gone by,
I’ve dated many others,
But none are like her,
I see her sometimes,
In the halls of school,
At the mall,
We talk,
Other times we don’t,
I miss her can’t she see that?
I guess not,
I guess I get what was coming,
Cheating on her…
I love her, maybe that’s the last words I want to say to her,
Or is it can we get back together?
but i already know that answer,
i know she is moving on,
maybe it’s about time i do too,
but then i know i can’t,
’cause i know she was the one,
the only…

This poem was written/submitted by Serena.

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He loves me
He loves me not
He was my life but now I rot
Love me today
Love me tomorrow
Since that day all I feel is sorrow
Hate me now
Love me never
I thought are love would last forever
You thought I cheated
You made me cry
I’ll always love you, which makes me want to die.

This poem was written/submitted by Arielle Catastrophe.

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I remember when you use to call me baby,
And everything felt so right.
I remember how you were before that horrible night.
We would talk for hours and all you could talk about was me.
You use to write me poems,
But once you couldn’t talk to me it was like I was never there.
Like we never happened, we were just a dream.

The man I once knew loved me,
He actually showed he cared.
You acted like the rest of our life was planned out
Like your heart was meant to be mine.
All I want to know is how you feel.
I am afraid of losing you!
To me you are my life and you always said I was yours,
But I don’t understand…
If I was then why are you acting life this?

Why can’t you be the man I once knew?
I miss your touch,
Your voices,
The way you make me feel every time you come around.
I want to spend the rest of my life with you baby.
I can’t see anything but us and our future.
Please go back to the man you were,
Baby I need you.

Do you even want to try anymore?
Are you giving up on us?
Where’s the man I once knew?
Where is the husband I know of?
I miss you baby,
Please come back to me!

This poem was written/submitted by Caitlin.

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“Truth and Love” Is forever,
Feel my soul and Love.

From the first day I laid eyes on you,
I fell in Love but you haven’t noticed,
My trembling hands hold your heart,
In the blooming fields I wait for you.

Beneath the blossoming Magnolias,
I shine a smile, as you smile back,
Watching you walk past me,
I Cherish the moment of our crossroads.

I like you, Are your eyes set on someone else?
Tears trickle down my cheeks,
“I will love you” is a lifetime,
“I love you” is an eternity

Writing you a message of my deepest feelings,
Titled “Truth and Love” I want to look you in the eye,
A star written message I send out to you,
In my palm, a “Love Note” From me to You.

I want to see you, Look in your eyes,
I know we will meet in our Cross road of Destiny.

This poem was written/submitted by Sunni Lynch.

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The way he smiles..
I just don’t know how to act.
The look he gives me..
I can’t describe these feelings inside.
The way he holds my hand..
Gives me butterflies in my stomach.
The way he kisses my cheek..
Makes me smile.
I can hide all of those feelings perfectly..
because he’s my best friend.
I just wish I could hide the way I’m absolutely 150% in love with him..

This poem was written/submitted by Miss. Elizabeth Vargas.

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Love can sometimes be fresh.
Love can sometimes be new.

Love can sometimes make you happy.
And sometimes make you blue.

Love is the light that radiates from your eyes.
Love is your image floating in the skies.

Love is true.
And darling, the only love for me is you.

This poem was written/submitted by Lamar Cole.

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The way he looks at me…
Brings a smile to my face.
The way he makes me laugh…
Makes me like him more and more.
The way he looks at me with his gorgeous eyes…
Makes me melt inside.
The way he speaks those three breath taking words…
Makes me fall for him more and more.
He makes me fall more and more in love with him each and everyday…

This poem was written/submitted by Elizabeth.

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